Construction Equipment Values

Are you using the most reliable value data available? Top Bid is the choice of valuation professionals.

Top Bid delivers reliable equipment values.

Top Bid’s auction results are highly standardized and verified.  Top Bid double checks all auction listings to ensure the model number, serial number, and year of manufacture agree.  How much does this matter?  Top Bid routinely corrects these types of errors in auction results, and often these errors exceed 40% of the auction items.  Fixing these errors regularly changes valuations by thousands of dollars.

When investing in equipment, you buy the lowest “total cost of ownership,” not just the cheapest purchase price.  Similarly, Top Bid offers you the lowest “total cost of ownership” for your equipment value data.   With the Internet delivering so much free data, ask yourself, “Is free data really free once you account for quality, cost, and time?”

Top Bid is unsurpassed in U.S. auction coverage.  Since our client base buys, sells, and appraises equipment mostly in the U.S., broad U.S. coverage provides the most applicable values for your needs.

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