Top Bid provides extensive coverage for Terex construction equipment:

  • Price Reference Guide – Includes Terex values and prices.
  • Serial Number Guide – Includes Terex year of manufacture and country of origin according to the serial number.
  • Top Models – Lists top Terex models sold at auction in the last year.

Top Terex Models Recently Sold at Auction

  • TA27 Trucks – Off-highway
  • TA30 Trucks – Off-highway
  • TA30-7 Trucks – Off-highway
  • TA35 Trucks – Off-highway
  • TA40 Trucks – Off-highway
  • TB60 Aerial Lift
  • TH1056C Forklift
  • TH636C Forklift
  • TH644C Forklift
  • TH842C Forklift
  • TS14B Motor Scraper
  • TX760 Backhoe Loader
  • TX760B Backhoe Loader


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